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Biometric Fingerprint Padlock

Biometric Fingerprint Padlock

Biometric Fingerprint Padlock

Tired of forgetting the combination or fumbling around with a temperamental padlock on your gym locker, school locker, bike lock, or whatever? Then upgrade to this cool new Biometric Fingerprint Padlock. This futuristic padlock foregoes the traditional combination number dial and replaces it with a biometric fingerprint sensor that can unlock it instantly in just one second with a simple press of a finger. It not only stores your fingerprint, it also stores up to 15 more if you wish to share access with others and includes a smartphone app that can be used to unlock it as well. It's crafted from aluminum alloy with a lock beam made from stainless steel for superior cut resistance, can be used indoors or outdoors, and can be quickly and easily recharged via USB.

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  • Fingerprint unlock - Farewell to cumbersome numbers, your finger is the key - no need to worry about losing the key or the password
  • Instant 1 second unlock
  • Accepts up to 15 fingerprints
  • Use the app to unlock the lock or add fingerprints
  • Made of aluminum alloy and the lock beam is made of stainless steel for superior cut resistance
  • Indoor / Outdoor use: gym lockers, suitcases, golf bags, handbags, school lockers, furniture, wardrobes, bicycles, and more
  • Lock size is so small that you can easily place it in your pocket - perfect for the gym
  • Using the lock 30 times a day, unlock and lock each count, you can use 40 days
  • Suitable for Android/IOS
  • USB charging

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