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Old-Time Padlocks

Old-Time Padlocks

Old-Time Padlocks

When it's time to lock something up, do it with style when you secure your stuff with one of these cool new Old-Time Padlocks. These solid riveted iron locks are functioning replicas of padlocks used by Alcatraz, Fort Knox, and the U.S. Mail. They feature two skeleton keys, brass keyhole flaps and a stamped brass name-plate. Although not as secure as modern day combination locks, any lock with a skeleton key will always be cooler. Perfect for locking up wine cellars, bicycles, backyard sheds and creepy home dungeons.

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  • Spot-on replicas of century-old locks
  • Solid riveted iron
  • 2 functioning skeleton keys, brass keyhole flaps and stamped brass name-plates
  • Fun as paperweights table décor or even wine cellar locks
  • Versions: Alcatraz Padlock, Fort Knox Padlock, U.S. Mail Padlock
  • Size: 3" x 1.25" x 5" H

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