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CleverMade - Package Delivery Lock Box

CleverMade - Package Delivery Lock Box

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If you prefer to shop online and have everything delivered as soon as possible to your doorstep, I'm guessing that you prefer that those anticipated deliveries aren't stolen right afterward by those $@#&ing thieving porch pirates! Yep, package theft is massively on the rise because some prefer to just shop at other people's homes now, but there is a simpler way to thwart these criminal, package-snatching losers and that's with this cool new CleverMade Package Lock Box.

This reinforced steel, all-weather parcel drop box securely anchors down to your front porch and keeps all of your delivered small packages safe, secure, and dry when you're away from home. Just provide the entry code to the programmable digital lock to your delivery driver in the delivery instructions. It's also great for sharing things with trusted friends, family, or neighbors - just give them the code too. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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CleverMade - Package Delivery Lock Box
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CleverMade - Package Delivery Lock Box
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CleverMade - Package Delivery Lock Box
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CleverMade - Package Delivery Lock Box
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