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SouthOrd Lockpick School-in-a-Box

SouthOrd Lockpick School-in-a-Box

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Want to hone your skills as a locksmith, learn how to get back into your home after getting locked out, unlock a cool skill, or just train to become a notorious cat burglar? Then master pin-tumbler lockpicking techniques using this cool new SouthOrd Lockpick School-in-a-Box. It includes everything you need to learn how to pick locks like a professional... good or bad. On the wooden stand are five isolated lock cylinders with the first one having a single pin, the second having two pins, and so on all the way up to five pins to give you a progressive level of difficulty. The set includes 5 repinnable lock cylinders, 4 lock picks, 1 tension tool, a wooden stand, and a handy instruction book to help you master pin-tumbler lockpicking techniques. It makes a unique gift and could even pay for itself, if you know what I mean. Hmm, please pick locks responsibly and only if the laws in your state allow you to possess these lockpicking tools.

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The Beer Tool - Wrench Bottle Opener
This rugged bottle opener started out as a real working wrench that's been retooled from tightening bolts to ripping caps off bottles with ease.
Tree Fruit Picker
If you have fruit trees in your yard, don't settle for the low-hanging fruit, get the best ones higher up in the canopy when you snag them with this cool new Tree Fruit Picker.
Erase-A-Hole - Fills Holes In Plaster, Drywall, and Wood
This handy wall patch putty kit fills small holes and cracks in plaster, drywall, and wood with ease
Retreev - Miniature Magnetic Grappling Hook Retrieval Tool
Shake a kite or drone from a tree, pull a frisbee off the roof, retrieve fallen metallic items, or even anchor a small boat with this mini grappling hook tool.
Muscle Suit Every - Wearable Heavy-Lifting Exoskeleton
This wearable heavy-lifting exoskeleton uses pneumatic artificial muscle technology to effectively support your back and thighs when lifting and transporting heavy loads.
General Tools 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measure
This innovative measuring tape combines both a traditional 16 ft measuring tape and a 50 ft laser measurer in one for both short- and long-span accurate measurements.
Power Planter - Flower Bulb and Plant Auger Drill Bit
This spring, don't break your back bending over to dig holes for all your flower bulbs and plants, just pull the trigger on your cordless drill and let this cool new Power Planter - Flower Bulb and Plant Auger Drill Bit do all the work for you.
I CAN MIXX - Drill-Powered Spray Paint Can Mixer
A drill-powered spray paint can mixer that quickly and evenly mixes the paint inside the can just by spinning it.
Underwater Metal Detector
Perfect for the beach, this innovative metal detector can help you discover both buried treasures on land and sunken treasures underwater down to 32 feet deep.

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SouthOrd Lockpick School-in-a-Box
Feeling nostalgic? This fun soy wax candle smells just like sharpened pencils with notes of shaved cedar and pencil lead.
SouthOrd Lockpick School-in-a-Box
Help protect your identity from theft by permanently hiding personal information on bills, invoices, financial statements, magazines, junk mail and anything else you want kept confidential!
SouthOrd Lockpick School-in-a-Box
A secret hidden wall safe disguised as an ordinary everyday residential electrical panel that lets you secure and protect valuables, documents, firearms, and more right in plain sight.
SouthOrd Lockpick School-in-a-Box
The smart padlocks unlock themselves automatically with a simple tap on your smartphone instead of screwing around with easy to lose keys and difficult, hard to remember combinations.
SouthOrd Lockpick School-in-a-Box
This is the world's first Bluetooth padlock that instantly unlocks when your iOS or Android smartphone is within a few feet - no need to fiddle with an app or even take out your phone.
SouthOrd Lockpick School-in-a-Box
Hopelessly addicted to and distracted by your smartphone? Then lock it up. Once inside, it cannot be removed until the timer you set reaches zero.
SouthOrd Lockpick School-in-a-Box
A simple motion detector that sends a notification to your smartphone and/or screams out an alarm when it gets moved.
SouthOrd Lockpick School-in-a-Box
This fun puzzle lock seals up a great bottle of fine wine with your own 5 letter code (12 million combinations possible), but giving hints to its solution is up to you.
SouthOrd Lockpick School-in-a-Box
Hide your spare keys in plain site. This ingenious key hider doubles as a real cedar birdhouse with a magnetic trap door underneath that swings down to reveal two key hooks.

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