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Lekue Microwave Grill / Panini Press

Lekue Microwave Grill / Panini Press

Lekue Microwave Grill / Panini Press

No matter whether it's snowing outside, raining cats and dogs, you run out of propane, are tired of waiting and messing around with charcoal, or it's just way too hot outside, then skip the outdoor grill and grill up your favorite foods easily and safely indoors right in the microwave oven using this cool new Lekue Microwave Grill. Just preheat this innovative indoor grilling device in your microwave for 3 minutes, place your choice of food down on the bottom grill plate, add the top grill plate and secure it down with the silicone bands, and place back in the microwave to finish cooking - cooking times are included. It's perfect for grilling up burgers, steaks, sausages, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits, panini sandwiches, cheese, quesadillas, and much more. It even leaves grill marks! Check out the video below to see it in action.

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