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Silicone Roasting Laurel - Elevate Your Cooking

Silicone Roasting Laurel - Elevate Your Cooking

Silicone Roasting Laurel - Elevate Your Cooking

The cool new Prepara Roasting Laurel is a heat-resistant, nonstick, and poseable silicone laurel-shaped rack that can be used to elevate roasts, turkeys, and other foods up and out of the fat and drippings for healthier cooking. It's flexible design allows it top be shaped to fit multiple pan sizes and is heat-resistant to 500° F, so it could even double as a unique trivet for your countertop as well. When finished, just toss it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Great multi-purpose kitchen solution.



  • Roasting laurel keeps bird or roast up and out of grease and drippings for healthier cooking
  • Heat-resistant to 500° F
  • Bpa free, bendable, flexible
  • Helps roasts brown evenly and eliminates sticking
  • Flexible and holds its shape: use with fish, vegetables and more
  • Easy clean-up: dishwasher safe

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