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Cuisipro Sailboat Popsicle Maker

Cuisipro Sailboat Popsicle Maker

Cuisipro Sailboat Popsicle Maker

Remember the good old days when the world around you stopped as soon as the soft jingle of the ice cream truck entered your ears? Remember the panicked rush to find your parents to beg for money before the truck passed by your house? Well, now you and your kids can beat the heat and save some money making delicious popscicles at home with Cuisipro Sailboat Popsicle Maker.

Just pour your favorite fruit juice, ice cream, yogurt or other concoction (hmmm, jungle juice, anyone?) into these boat-shaped popsicle makers, place in the freezer and in about 4-6 hours you're good to go. The set makes six easy to remove popsicles and the sailboat's keel doubles as both a handle and a drip catcher. These frozen nautical treats are perfect for summertime picnics, parties, barbecues, relaxing around the pool or simply just because.

Unfortunately, your kids won't learn the nostalgic fun of running into the middle of the street, screaming and waving cash overhead and talking to strangers who want to give them ice cream and candy from a sliding door on their running vehicle. Ahhh yes, the good old days!

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  • Create fun treats with easy to use sailboat shape molds
  • Perfect for afternoon snacks or desserts
  • Durable plastic molds make 6 pops at a time
  • Kit comes complete with plastic mold and sticks, metal stand and recipe/instruction booklet
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, sailboat keel doubles as the pop mold handle
  • Individual pops freeze in 4-6 hours and can be removed easily
  • Stand measures: 9 1/4" x 4.5" x 6.5"

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