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Himalayan Salt Skewers

Himalayan Salt Skewers

Himalayan Salt Skewers

This cool new Himalayan Salt Skewer Set includes two stainless steel skewers and four pink Himalayan salt cubes that not only help add subtle savory flavor to grilled kabobs, they also help elevate the skewers above the grill surface and conduct heat for quicker cooking. Just slide the mineral-rich Himalayan salt cubes in between your meats and vegetables on the skewers and grill like normal. The Himalayan salt cubes are sourced from Pakistan, can hold intense heat, and are naturally anti-microbial. The skewers can also go in the dishwasher... but not the cubes! Just give them a gentle rinse under water, pat dry with a paper towel, and reuse again and again until they eventually disappear.

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