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Camp Chef Keg Roaster - Drunken Chickens & Turkey!

Camp Chef Keg Roaster - Drunken Chickens & Turkey!

Beer can chicken roasting has become pretty popular lately and that's because it's delicious and it's so much easier to clean up than deep-frying, plus it's just fun to cram a can of beer up a bird's keister. Well I think it's time to go even bigger and just roast them in a keg. That's the idea behind the cool Camp Chef Keg Roaster, not only can you roast up to 3 chickens at once, you could also do a turkey as well. The roasting dome seals in the natural juices and flavors while grease drains down into heat-diversion plate. Simply marinate, season and rub the poultry, insert a can (drink 1/3 first) of your favorite beer, wine, soda, spirits or juice into the sleeve and slip the bird over it, replace the dome and cook up to 170°. Watch the video below to see the Keg Roaster in action.

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