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Kalamazoo Gaucho - Freestanding Wood-Fired Grill

Kalamazoo Gaucho - Freestanding Wood-Fired Grill

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At your next epic backyard BBQ feast, grill in ultimate luxurious style with one of the world's finest grills, the cool new Kalamazoo Gaucho from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. This handcrafted freestanding grill, inspired by Argentinean style wood-fired grilling, cooks meats, seafood, vegetables, and more over a crackling smoky wood fire by simply turning the 30-inch spoked wheel to raise or lower the grill grates and rotisserie over the flames for precise heat control.

This hardcore 304 stainless steel BBQ grill features a large control wheel for effortless height adjustment of the 726 square inch grill rack or rotisserie, a high-powered gas starter system to quickly light a hardwood (logs or chunks) or charcoal fire, an extra deep fire box to deliver deliver even heat and dynamic heat circulation that creates a convection effect, an ambient control panel lighting for night grilling, a unique ash collection system for quick and easy cleanup, a side burner, and much more. Check out the video video below to see this BBQ beast in action. Cool huh?

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Oklahoma Joe's Blacksmith Hawg Lifter  - Gigantic Grill Spatula
Move, flip, and turn briskets, pork shoulders, racks of ribs, giant / multiple hamburger patties, and other large cuts of meat on the grill or smoker with ease.
Napoleon Stainless Steel Rotisserie Grill Basket
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Cast Iron Garlic Roaster
Roast bulbs of garlic on the grill or in the oven inside this Cast Iron Garlic Roaster to tame its harsh bite for a more sweet, savory, and spreadable flavor.
Himalayan Salt Plate Grill Press
Slips onto a heated Himalayan salt grilling block (sold separately) transforming it into a hefty grill press that helps hold down and flatten steaks, chicken, and more for even cooking, while also imparting a subtle gourmet salty flavor.
Broil King Magnetic Silicone Grill Side Shelf Mat
This magnetic silicone mat protects the side shelf of your shiny new BBQ grill from grease, sauces, spills, and scratches from setting down messy grill tools.
Vegetable Grill Clips
Handy clips designed to keep individual portions of asparagus, green onions, zucchini slices, etc. organized and easy to flip on the grill.
Rastelli's Round Hot Dogs - Shaped Like Hamburger Patties!
Round and flat hot dogs shaped like hamburger patties now exist!
Korean BBQ Coffee Table
When you're hungry and binge-watching your favorite shows at the same time, don't miss a thing by going to the kitchen to cook something up, just stay where you are and cook on this cool new Korean BBQ Coffee Table instead.
BBQ Scissor Tongs
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Kalamazoo Gaucho - Freestanding Wood-Fired Grill
These decorative fire starters are made from natural pine cones set in a wax/sawdust base with a wick.
Kalamazoo Gaucho - Freestanding Wood-Fired Grill
Fan the flames, poke the logs, and rake the coals of your next hearth fire with this cool new multi-purpose fireplace tool that combines a bellows and a poker into one to make it safe and easy to keep a roaring fire going.
Kalamazoo Gaucho - Freestanding Wood-Fired Grill
A state-of-the-art smoke and carbon monoxide detector that is not only smart, it isn't annoying.
Kalamazoo Gaucho - Freestanding Wood-Fired Grill
This concrete and bamboo fire bowl / s'mores roaster uses clean-burning, smoke-free gel fuel to create flickering flames that actually crackle like a campfire.
Kalamazoo Gaucho - Freestanding Wood-Fired Grill
This two foot tall ferocious sculptural dragon breathes fire out of its mouth from a firepot inside that burns BioFuel.
Kalamazoo Gaucho - Freestanding Wood-Fired Grill
Wooden gift box with 3 lbs of Fatwood kindling, broom and dust pan, canvas log carrier, utility gloves, and a lucky cast iron hearth cricket.
Kalamazoo Gaucho - Freestanding Wood-Fired Grill
A fire-resistant blanket that quickly attaches to a fireplace screen via magnets after a wood-burning fire to help minimize heat loss and save money on energy bills.
Kalamazoo Gaucho - Freestanding Wood-Fired Grill
Modern stainless steel fireplace uses ethanol for fuel, no chimney required!
Kalamazoo Gaucho - Freestanding Wood-Fired Grill
At first glance it may seem like you have a massive six foot tall Saguaro cactus with flames bursting up from its curved limbs, but it's actually a faux cacti torch handcrafted by Bali artisans from reclaimed sheet metal with a weather-resistant antique copper finish.

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