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Kalamazoo Gaucho - Freestanding Wood-Fired Grill

Kalamazoo Gaucho - Freestanding Wood-Fired Grill

Kalamazoo Gaucho - Freestanding Wood-Fired Grill


At your next epic backyard BBQ feast, grill in ultimate luxurious style with one of the world's finest grills, the cool new Kalamazoo Gaucho from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. This handcrafted freestanding grill, inspired by Argentinean style wood-fired grilling, cooks meats, seafood, vegetables, and more over a crackling smoky wood fire by simply turning the 30-inch spoked wheel to raise or lower the grill grates and rotisserie over the flames for precise heat control.

This hardcore 304 stainless steel BBQ grill features a large control wheel for effortless height adjustment of the 726 square inch grill rack or rotisserie, a high-powered gas starter system to quickly light a hardwood (logs or chunks) or charcoal fire, an extra deep fire box to deliver deliver even heat and dynamic heat circulation that creates a convection effect, an ambient control panel lighting for night grilling, a unique ash collection system for quick and easy cleanup, a side burner, and much more. Check out the video video below to see this BBQ beast in action. Cool huh?

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