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Fire Pit Skull and Crossbones Log

Fire Pit Skull and Crossbones Log

Fire Pit Skull and Crossbones Log

No matter whether you're a member of an ultra secret society that everyone has heard of, a pirate named Jolly Roger, having a huge Halloween backyard bonfire, or are just a bit strange and unusual in a good way, this cool new Skull and Bones Fire Pit and Fireplace Log will compliment the flames of your fireplace or outdoor fire pit. This spooky fire-proof cement skull and crossbones safely sits in the fire of your indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit and is sure to make all who stare into its flaming eyes a bit uneasy. Make it even creepier by surrounding it with these equally terrifying Human Skull, Demon Skull, Jack O' Lantern Pumpkin fire logs.

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  • Safe to use in a wood fire or gas fireplaces and fire pits
  • Eyes-open position to allow flame to pass through the eyes
  • Fire-proof skull, fireproof cement, and totally non-toxic, fireproof paint
  • Add realism, you and your guests will get a kick out of this skulls and bones
  • A great way to decorate for Halloween or as an everyday eerie accent
  • Safe to use indoors and outoor

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