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Campfire Beer Caramelizer Tool

Campfire Beer Caramelizer Tool

Campfire Beer Caramelizer Tool

This fall, gather your friends and family around a roaring fire pit, stick this cool new Campfire Beer Caramelizer Tool into the flames or coals until the tip glows bright red, and stick it into an ice cold glass of beer for a few seconds to instantly add a smoky sweet flavor and rich, frothy texture. The flash reaction from the heat caramelizing the natural sugars won't even warm your beer. It's crafted from high quality, food safe stainless steel rod / tip and has an appropriate wooden beer tap handle (interchangeable with your favorite brand) on the end. In addition to beer, especially craft beers, it also works with any drink containing sugar, like ciders, hot chocolate, cocktails, and more. Best of all, it's way more fun than roasting boring old marshmallows on a stick.

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  • Add rich, frothy texture and sweet, smoky taste to your beer by caramelizing alcohol’s natural sugars
  • Pull this stainless steel rod out of the flames and stick it in that icy brew to create a rich, frothy treat
  • Flash of heat from the caramelizer reacts with the sugars in the beverage, creating a richer and smoother taste
  • Inspired by a centuries old tradition of heating cocktails with a hot poker
  • Nestle the the stainless steel, food grade safe tip in the campfire coals until it glows red hot
  • Heat for about 20 minutes before you plan to use it
  • Dip the red hot top into your drink for 2-3 seconds
  • Doesn't make your drink warm
  • Flash heat reacts with sugars within a few seconds (3- 5 second) without significantly changing the temperature of your drink
  • Lightweight, sturdy, wooden beer tap handle that is interchangeable with your favorite beer tap handle
  • Fact: The average temperature of a campfire center is 1571° F
  • Experiment with different brews, ciders, cocktails, or even hot chocolate
  • Rod and tip are crafted from high quality stainless steel for a weather resistant, durable, easy to clean, and food grade safe.
  • Size: 20" L x 1.5" Diameter

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