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Homemade Gin Kit

Homemade Gin Kit

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Looking for a unique gift for your favorite booze enthusiast? Then check out this cool new Homemade Gin Kit. No, it doesn't make that dangerous old bathtub gin that'll make you go blind, require a full blown distillery hidden out in the woods behind your house, or hardly any effort at all. All you need is this kit and a bottle of vodka. This unique DIY kit lets you concoct a small batch of high quality gin in only about 36 hours. It includes a 500ml swing top bottle, a 250ml swing top flask, a tin of carefully selected juniper berries, a tin of hand weighed spices, botanicals, flowers, and aromatics, a double mesh fine strainer, a funnel, and the easy to follow instructions.

Yeah, I know you're thinking that you could just buy a great bottle of gin for $40, but a bottle by itself just isn't as cool of a gift. Plus, refills for this fun kit are only $10.

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