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Instant Old-Fashioned Cocktail Cubes

Instant Old-Fashioned Cocktail Cubes

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When you're not in the mood to play a professional mixologist at home and too lazy to order from a proper bartender, then simply whip up one of the oldest cocktails in the world instantly using these cool new Instant Old-Fashioned Cocktail Cubes. To make an Old-Fashioned cocktail with ease, just muddle and dissolve one of these flavored, bitters-infused sugar cubes with water, mix in a healthy pour of your favorite bourbon or rye whiskey, pour it all over ice in a lowball glass, and then garnish with an orange peel. This set includes eight cubes of each flavor (Original Old-Fashioned, Maple Old-Fashioned, and Spring Old-Fashioned), are made in New York, and make a fun gift for whisk(e)y lovers. 🥃

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Frozen Beer Slushie Maker
Create a whipped, frozen beer foam to place on top of an ice cold brew to form a fun little ice cap / beer head that keeps the beer below super cold and insulated from the outside.
Dry Martini Vermouth Mister
This antique style bulb spray bottle dispenses the vermouth of your choice in a fine mist to coat your martini glass or the inside of a martini shaker.
Drinking Decision Coin
This solid brass coin leaves all your drinking decisions to a simple flip of a coin.
Brew Glitter - Edible Beverage Glitter For Cocktails, Champagne, and More
Add a pinch of this 100% edible glitter to cocktails, Champagne, or other drinks and give it a swirl to make it sparkle and shimmer in the light.
The Legendary Duff Beer
This is no animated beverage, this is a real drinkable premium lager brewed up in Germany, canned in iconic form and guaranteed to make you shout Woo-Hoo!
Planters Mr. IPA-Nut - Peanut Flavored Beer
Beer and bar peanuts have always seemed to pair nicely with one another, but now they have finally been merged into a single drinkable concoction with this cool new Planters Mr. IPA-Nut from Noon Whistle Brewing.
Miller High Life Dive Bar Ice Cream Bars
Each boozy ice cream bar is made from premium ice cream infused with actual Miller High Life beer (up to 5% ABV) and contain dive bar-inspired ingredients.
Single Malt Scotch Toothpicks
These fancy kiln-dried toothpicks are infused with an Islay single malt Scotch from a 200-year-old distillery and come in a set of 12 in a corked bottle.
Voodoo Ranger I(Pizza)A - Tombstone Pizza-Flavored IPA Beer
This IPA is flavored like a slice of Tombstone pizza with flavors of crispy crust, tangy tomato sauce, savory herbs and spices, pepperoni, and ice-cold beer.

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Instant Old-Fashioned Cocktail Cubes
This set of ten highly realistic blood bags are perfect for filling up with dark blood red cocktails, red wine, actual blood (vampires only), or any other fun and/or disturbing colorful drinks.
Instant Old-Fashioned Cocktail Cubes
You're gonna need a bigger glass when you unleash ferocious shark-shaped ice cubes from these cool new silicone shark ice molds.
Instant Old-Fashioned Cocktail Cubes
When out exploring the great outdoors seeking adventure, be sure to only carry along the most important survival essentials in this cool new Picnic Time Bar Backpack.
Instant Old-Fashioned Cocktail Cubes
Unique keychain features a corkscrew and standard bottle opener all inside one big solid aluminum screw!
Instant Old-Fashioned Cocktail Cubes
The Japanese shuriken was a deadly throwing weapon used by ancient samurai warriors and ninja assassins alike and somehow in the 21st century one of them got itself embedded in this cool new Ninja Throwing Star Stuck in a Pint Glass.
Instant Old-Fashioned Cocktail Cubes
Not only are these functional drink coasters, they're also interactive pinball games inspired by retro 1980s arcade games. Just pull back the spring-loaded plunger and release to send the tiny pinball flying.
Instant Old-Fashioned Cocktail Cubes
This Summer, smuggle in your favorite booze to beaches, concerts, pools, sporting events, and more without anyone noticing inside these cool new Secret Sunscreen Bottle Flasks.
Instant Old-Fashioned Cocktail Cubes
Perfect for chilling down bottled beverages, serving up some spiked punch, making an easy shot in beer pong, or quenching a mighty, mighty thirst.
Instant Old-Fashioned Cocktail Cubes
This summer or at your next backyard Luau, dress up your beer can in tropical island style with these insulated can coolers inspired by Hawaiian Aloha shirts.

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