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Make Your Own Ancient Mead Kit

Make Your Own Ancient Mead Kit

Make Your Own Ancient Mead Kit

Want to brew up and imbibe the oldest known fermented beverage in history known as Mead AKA the Nectar of the Gods? Then simply brew up a batch of your very own like a true warrior would before, during, and after battle with this cool new yet quite ancient-inspired Craft A Brew - Mead Making Kit. Mead predates all alcoholic beverages and was made from simple fermented honey, water, and yeast, so it basically put the buzz in buzzed. To use, just pick up your favorite kind of honey at the store or nab some for free from your local honeybees, follow the simple instructions in the kit, and in about 4 weeks you'll be sipping or chugging down some of this truly tasty honey wine. Each kit yields 1 gallon of mead and is reusable. The perfect drink for any proper feast and it pairs nicely with these Drinking Horn Shot Glasses.

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  • Mead is the original fermented beverage, predating wine or beer
  • Mead Making Kit helps you craft your own mead aka honey wine in just 4 weeks
  • Making mead is as simple as combining honey, water, and yeast
  • Drink it out of a goblet or a horn to channel the Vikings and ancient Romans who considered it to be the nectar of the gods
  • Yields 1 gallon of mead
  • Finishes between 11-12% ABV
  • Ready to drink in 1 month
  • Includes: 1 gallon Glass Carboy, Airlock, Rubber Stopper, Racking Cane + Tip, Transfer Tubing + Tube Clamp, Funnel, Yeast, Yeast Nutrients, Sanitizer, Instructions
  • Honey not included - Works with any 100% all natural honey of your choice
  • Each mead kit is assembled by hand in Orlando, FL

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