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Oktoberfest Beer Making Kit

Oktoberfest Beer Making Kit

Oktoberfest Beer Making Kit

This Fall, you could go to the store and purchase a plethora of various tasty pre-brewed Oktoberfest Ales or you could simply brew your own at home and have some fun at the same time with this cool new Oktoberfest Beer Making Kit. This all-in-one beer-making kit includes everything you need including the basic equipment, ingredients like malt, grain, hops and yeast, and obviously the instructions to make ten bottles (unfortunately not included). The entire homebrew process takes around 4 weeks to complete, so best to get started on the first batch today.

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  • Brew your own Oktoberfest Ale with this beer-making kit
  • Includes all the basic equipment, ingredients and instructions you need to make 1 gallon (ten 12-oz. bottles)
  • Produces Oktoberfest Ale that is true to German style and bursting with sweet, malty flavors
  • Includes enough malt, grain, hops and yeast for your first batch
  • Equipment can be reused to brew additional batches.

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