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Secret Sunscreen Bottle Flasks

Secret Sunscreen Bottle Flasks

Secret Sunscreen Bottle Flasks

This Summer, smuggle in your favorite booze to beaches, concerts, pools, sporting events, and more without anyone noticing inside these cool new Secret Sunscreen Bottle Flasks. These stealthy 8 oz flasks come in a set of two, both disguised to resemble realistic sunscreen bottles in SPF 15 and SPF 30 lotion varieties, so you can easily remember which bottle holds which type of booze. They include a funnel for easy filling and screw on caps to keep the contents inside safe, sealed, and secure. The only downsides to these ingenious flasks are that someone may attempt to put on your sunscreen to disastrous results, others may see you squeezing sunscreen in your mouth, or you may actually need to put on real sunscreen and you only brought alcohol.

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  • Set of 2 sunscreen bottle flasks
  • Marked with "SPF 15" and "SPF 30", you can carry two types of alcohol without confusion
  • Easy-to-transport funny flasks are made to look like sunscreen bottles
  • Smuggle drinks to beaches, concerts, or sporting events, without others knowing
  • Easy to seal screw on caps
  • Safe for poolside use, unlike glass containers
  • Sturdy, lightweight plastic
  • Funnel included
  • Capacity: 8 oz

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