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Pocket Shots

Pocket Shots

Pocket Shots

Forget those little breakable booze bottles of the past, there's a cool new portable booze container in town. Pocket Shots are unique flexible stand up pouch flasks that hold a single serving of alcohol and are even shaped like mini bottles with easy pouring bottlenecks. Pocket Shots are available filled with quality Tequila, Vodka, Rum, Whiskey and Gin and are sealed in a near unbreakable, flexible, squishable, pocket stuffable pouch that you can take anywhere, er legally of course. These are great for travelling, sporting events, anywhere glass bottles are prohibited, Church, etc. Cool idea.

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  • 50 ml single serve flexible stand-up pouch containing 80 proof varietals
  • Sealed in a near unbreakable, flexible, squishable, pocket stuffable pouch
  • Perfect for active activities, outdoor adventures, and glass restricting venues
  • VODKA Pocket Shot Vodka is a clean, crisp and smooth premium vodka that is triple distilled and filtered three times using the finest American grains and purest water with no additives. This clear vodka can be mixed, iced down or enjoyed straight up.
  • TEQUILA Pocket Shot Gold Tequila is made from the finest Blue Agave Tequila from Jalisco, Mexico. This is excellent Tequila for Margaritas or it can be enjoyed straight up.
  • GIN Pocket Shot London Dry Gin RUM This natural imported Carribean Rum is carefully distilled and then aged in the finest charred barrels.
  • WHISKEY Pocket Shot is full bodied Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey produced the way Kentucky Bourbon used to be made, aged to perfection in charred Oak Barrels

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