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Dry Martini Vermouth Mister

Dry Martini Vermouth Mister

Dry Martini Vermouth Mister

"The only way to make a martini is with ice cold gin and a bow in the direction of France." - Winston Churchill

Gin or Vodka. Shaken or Stirred. Olives or Pearl Onions. Dry or Dirty or Perfect. There's many different ways to concoct a martini, but if you prefer a super extra dry one, then check out this cool new Dry Martini Vermouth Mister. This antique style bulb spray bottle dispenses the vermouth of your choice in a fine mist to coat your martini glass or the inside of a martini shaker. This elegant vermouth dispensing vessel is made in Portugal from mouth-blown borosilicate glass and rests on a cork display stand. It can also be used for spraying aromatic bitters into a Manhattan, perfume or cologne onto yourself as well, or fill it with water and mist your houseplants. Personally, I prefer my martinis to be extra dry, very dirty, and full of alcohol.

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