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FireDragon Fireplace Tool - All-in-One Poker, Bellows, and Rake

FireDragon Fireplace Tool - All-in-One Poker, Bellows, and Rake

Fan the flames, poke the logs and rake the coals of your next hearth fire with this cool new FireDragon - Multi-Purpose Fireplace Tool that combines a bellows and a poker into one to make it safe and easy to keep a roaring fire going. To add more oxygen to the heart of the fire, just insert the tool and blow into the polished brass mouthpiece on the far end or adjust the logs with the forked prongs at the other end. It's the perfect solution for fireplaces, campfires, bonfires, chimineas, wood stoves, fire pits, or anywhere you want to keep logs on fire. Just remember to blow, not suck!


  • All-on-one tool for fireplaces, woodstoves, fire pits, chimineas, barbecue pits, camp fires, bonfires and more
  • Immediate flames - better than bellows
  • Forked prongs move logs and rake coals with ease
  • Polished brass mouthpiece jets air right into the fire or coals
  • Black powder-coated steel shaft
  • Safe, easy, and effective
  • No bending over, no smoke in your eyes, no more burned fingers
  • Size: 3' L

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