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Kindling Cracker King XL - The Safer, Faster, and Easier Firewood Splitter

Kindling Cracker King XL - The Safer, Faster, and Easier Firewood Splitter

Kindling Cracker King XL - The Safer, Faster, and Easier Firewood Splitter

This winter, if you're tired of chopping off limbs (your own) with dangerous axes and sharp hatchets while splitting firewood into kindling, then check out this cool new Kindling Cracker King XL from Australia. This heavy duty yet quite portable solid cast iron device helps you split firewood into kindling in a much safer, faster, and easier way with just a swing of a hammer, mallet, or even another log. Simply place a place a piece of firewood into the iron safety ring, rest it atop the splitting head, and then strike down on it with a blunt instrument to split it in half with ease - no sharp blade will ever pass by your fingers. It's perfect for keeping next to the fireplace, fire pit, or woodpile to make quick kindling, can easily be brought along to a campsite, the beach, or anywhere you want to make a fire, and can even be bolted down to a tree stump or something solid for permanent mounting. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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  • A safe and easy way to make kindling with no moving blade or sharpened object passing by your hands
  • XL size allows you to split even larger pieces of firewood the fast, easy, and safe way
  • Made of solid cast iron - custom-forged in an industry-leading Australian foundry
  • Splits firewood with less force than a standard axe
  • To split a piece of wood, place it inside of the frame, and strike it down with a blunt instrument, such as a hammer, mallet or even another piece of wood
  • Perfectly angled splitting head that never needs sharpening pairs with a durable frame design with no moving parts to break
  • 9" inside diameter top ring offers more space than the original model to handle large pieces of firewood
  • 17" height allows you to split long pieces of firewood
  • 10.5" W H-designed base with square feet holds steady during use
  • Offers a steady, rock-solid hold while splitting wood
  • Permanent-mount bolt holes built right in
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use
  • Can be used in temperatures down to -94° F
  • Quickly create kindling for your fireplace, fire pit, pizza oven, sauna, barbecue, smoker, and more
  • Size: 17" H x 9" Diameter - 21 lbs

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