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Charcoal Companion Fire UP! - Grill Starter Wand and Food Smoker

Charcoal Companion Fire UP! - Grill Starter Wand and Food Smoker

The cool new Charcoal Companion Fire UP! is an eco-friendly fire-starting wand that not only helps get your grilled fired up quickly without needing toxic lighter fluid, it also can be used to add smoky flavor to foods afterwards as well. Just plug the wand in, point the metal tip at charcoal briquettes or wood chips, chunks, or pellets, and in mere minutes it will have it ignited. To add smoke flavor to foods, just fill the nozzle with food chips, ignite, and wave the wand slowly around. A quick and easy BBQ solution, even if you use propane and just want to use the smoker part.


  • Eco-friendly starter wand is a super-fast, easy way to fire up your grill - without using toxic lighter fluid
  • Also adds delicious smoky flavor to grilled foods - just fill the nozzle with wood chips
  • Ideal for igniting charcoal briquettes or lighting wood chips, chunks or pellets
  • Goes from cold to smoldering in a matter of minutes
  • Just plug it in and point the metal tip at your charcoal or wood
  • Two-switch "ignite and blow" system makes lighting a breeze
  • Heat-resistant handle stays cool to the touch
  • Starter has a built-in wire kickstand to prop the hot tip off of its resting surface
  • Polypropylene handle with durable stainless-steel tip
  • Size: 18" L x 6.5' long cord

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