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Pyro Mini FireShooter - Shoots Fireballs From Your Wrist!

Pyro Mini FireShooter - Shoots Fireballs From Your Wrist!

Pyro Mini FireShooter - Shoots Fireballs From Your Wrist!

No matter whether you want to mystify a crowd with magic, fool your friends into thinking you have superpowers, or have always wished for the ability to shoot fireballs from your hands like a mutant, then you're going to need this cool new Pyro Mini FireShooter - . Yep, with this tiny little device strapped to your wrist or placed anywhere in range of the included remote control, you can launch either one or two burning fireballs simultaneously at will. The fireballs are nothing more than quick burning flash cotton and flash paper inserts, but they do shoot nearly 10 feet and then quickly disappear. A great way to raise a few eyebrows and grins or maybe just send people off running in terror to turn you into the government to be experimented on. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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  • Discreet device for firing small pieces of quick-burn material
  • Hides under shirtsleeve
  • Select handheld or remote function
  • Dual-barrelled
  • Barrels can be fired individually or simultaneously
  • Remote range: 30' (9.14 m)
  • Includes detachable wrist strap, bundle of flash cotton, 10 large sheets of flash paper, loader, 3 velcro straps for sleeves, cleaning rod, antenna, practice wrist strap, remote arm strap, tweezers, and usb charger
  • Includes enough combustion material for 120 uses
  • Warning: this is not a toy. Do not use if below age 18. Do not use without watching instructional videos from manufacturer.

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