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Stonewear Adirondack FireLighter

Stonewear Adirondack FireLighter

Stonewear Adirondack FireLighter

If you have trouble getting a fire going, don't mess around with crumpled up paper, get serious and use this cool new Stonewear Adirondack FireLighter. Just dip the firestone dipper in the oil-filled stoneware crock, light and and place it under stubborn firewood to get a crackling fire started quickly. It's a stylish no-nonsense solution for fireplaces, woodstoves, firepits, chimenea and more.

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  • Hearthside stoneware crock with firestone dipper and lamp oil fire starter
  • Just light it and place it under your firewood for a cozy, crackling fire in no time
  • Includes one ceramic crock with lid, firestone dipper and two 20 oz. bottles of lamp oil
  • Great for fireplace, woodstove, firepit, chimenea and more
  • Made in USA
  • Size: 6.5" Diameter x 10" H

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