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Spitfire Tube Fireplace Heaters

Spitfire Tube Fireplace Heaters

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This winter, boost the heat output of your fireplace by as much as 500% with an innovative new Spitfire Tube Fireplace Heater. This unique fireplace heater easily installs in any wood-burning fireplace and draws cool air in from a small blower fan into heavy duty steel tubes that serve as the fireplace grate. A fire is built on top of these tubes and the air inside is then heated and discharged back into the room.

The 2-speed blower fan sits outside the fireplace and moves 160 cubic-foot-per-minute of air through the tubes to deliver up to 60,000 Btu/hr with air temperature outputs up to 500° F. Depending on your heating needs and fireplace size, there are 4-Tube and 5-Tube versions available. With heating bills always on the rise, this is a relatively inexpensive and cool alternative to running the furnace at full blast all winter and it would eventually pay for itself over time.

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