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Realistic Flame Bulb LED

Realistic Flame Bulb LED

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Do you wish you could light up the outside of your home like a medieval castle surrounded by flickering open flame torches? Wish you could do the same on the inside as well? Of course you do! LED bulbs have not only replaced incandescent bulbs, but now flaming torches and candles as well with these cool new Flame Effect LED Bulbs. These stunning lightbulbs have a series of LEDs circling the inside and a diffuser on the outside that together create a super realistic open flame lighting effect when switched on. They fit standard E26 light fixtures and only consume 1.8 W of power. Perfect for outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, tropical luau parties, Halloween, Christmas, pranks, lampposts, actual castles, the bedroom, and so much more. Check out the video below to see some of them in action. Cool huh?

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Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp
This natural, hand carved salt crystal lamp from the Himalayan Mountians helps to purify the air, reduce stress, relieve respiratory problems and more!
Barrel To Bottle Votive Holder
Decorative candleholders made from reclaimed and reconditioned California wine barrel staves with specially vented wine bottle toppers!
Switch Hooks - Light Switch Cover With Key Hooks
This ingenious light switch cover replaces your standard switch plate and has three hooks on the bottom that can conveniently hold your keys, jacket, dog leashes... More
Smartphone Bat Signal
This miniature 3D printed Bat Signal is designed to be held in front of the flash to shine a little Batman symbol on anything you want.
Paper Mache Mushroom Lamp
A stunning paper mache table lamp handcrafted from recycled paper and glue to form a highly detailed illuminated mushroom.
Rugged Teak Lanterns
Light up your home, patio, deck, tables or pathways naturally with these rugged weather-hardy Teak Lanterns.
Patio Umbrella Marquee Lights
This unique and decorative ring of 12 warm-toned LED globe lights snugly wraps around a patio umbrella pole and no extension cords are needed.
Trophy Deer Head Light
This deer trophy head may not have real fur, but it's hand-molded translucent resin design with internal dimmable illumination can at least light up a room.
Blast-Off Rocket Nightlight DIY Kit
This retro, space age-inspired DIY craft kit allows you to create a whimsical rocket ship that appears to be actually blasting off.

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Realistic Flame Bulb LED
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Realistic Flame Bulb LED
Turn your ordinary fire pit into a Hellish inferno when you add one of these cool new Fire Pit Demon Skulls into the flames.
Realistic Flame Bulb LED
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Realistic Flame Bulb LED
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Realistic Flame Bulb LED
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Realistic Flame Bulb LED
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Realistic Flame Bulb LED
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Realistic Flame Bulb LED
One of the most powerful portable grills available that gets up to 1,100 degrees in only 5 minutes using just a small piece of firewood.
Realistic Flame Bulb LED
A massive 6.5 foot tall outdoor fireplace / grill inspired by industrial factory chimneys.

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