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Landmann Big Sky Fire Pits

Landmann Big Sky Fire Pits

Landmann Big Sky Fire Pits

There's absolutely nothing better than sitting around a roaring bonfire on a cold night right in your backyard. The Landmann Big Sky Fire Pits are perfect for the job. These large durable fire pits are made of cold-rolled steel and feature unique cutouts all the way around that light up as the fire flickers behind them. They also come with a full-size BBQ grill insert for cooking, a poker and a spark-guard cover.

This fire pit is seriously heavy-duty! If you don't believe me, check out these funny pictures of one brave man using a Landmann Fire Pit, gasoline, 1.5 quarts of paint thinner & a 40lb trailer hitch from a Dodge Caravan to permanently eliminate 10,000 ANGRY BEES from his backyard! The fire pit comes out a bit blackened but completely unscathed, unfortunately only 25 or so bees survived! We don't recommend you try this at home.

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  • Unique and stylish decorative cutouts create an incredible ambience at night
  • Sturdy steel construction designed for easy assembly.
  • Offers 360 degree viewing of the fire
  • Full size enamel cooking grate included
  • Spark guard cover and poker included

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