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Bad Idea Pyro Cage - Portable Fire Pit, Campfire Stove, and Incinerator

Bad Idea Pyro Cage - Portable Fire Pit, Campfire Stove, and Incinerator

Bad Idea Pyro Cage - Portable Fire Pit, Campfire Stove, and Incinerator

This cool new Bad Idea Pyro Cage is a portable all-in-one fire pit, campfire stove, and incinerator. To use, just transport the heavy-gauge American steel panels with integrated handles to the beach, backyard, campsite, or anywhere you need it and assemble them with ease using the convenient tab and angled slot design. Not only does it include a handy removable lid to contain flying embers, prevent tall flames, and act as a camp stove surface, it also features a raised steel base to promote airflow so fires burn hotter and longer, provide better protection to the ground below, and make ash cleanup easier after the fire has died. Perfect for burning wood as a fire pit or stove or use it to quickly incinerate leaves and yard debris, sensitive documents, and more in a much safer way than burning a loose pile.

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  • Makes a perfect portable camp fire pit that easily travels to the backyard, beach, or lake house
  • Perfect for burning yard debris, cardboard boxes, and sensitive documents
  • Riser base that elevates wood 4" above the ground to promote airflow for fires that burn hotter and longer
  • Raised steel base provides some protection to the ground below from the extreme temperatures
  • Removable lid contains flying embers during burns and helps prevent flames from reaching too high
  • A superior alternative to dangerous loose piles or unsightly old burn barrels
  • Raised base makes for easier cleanup by collecting ash after the fire has died
  • American Steel construction is nearly 2x thicker than competitive models
  • Uniquely angled slots provide excellent rigidity for a stronger design and superior airflow
  • Clever tab and slot design enables easy assembly with no tools or hardware needed
  • Heavier gauge steel resists warping from heat and stands up to heavy use
  • 11 gauge removable steel lid
  • Simple design can be stored flat after use
  • Integrated handles for easy transport
  • Included lid helps contain embers and ash from escaping the cage while burning
  • Each panel is approximately 7 pounds
  • Mild steel construction is hand-oiled to protect the metal from rust and corrosion
  • Generous size easily accommodates firewood up to 21" long
  • Heavy enough to leave assembled without fear of wind blowing over
  • Made in the USA
  • Size: 24" Square by 16" T

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