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Chill The Grill - High Temperature Silicone-Coated Grill Cover

Chill The Grill - High Temperature Silicone-Coated Grill Cover

Chill The Grill - High Temperature Silicone-Coated Grill Cover

If you're going to cover your grill, then don't wait around forever for it to cool down before putting on some cheap cover that won't last, upgrade to the ultimate with this cool new Chill The Grill - High Temperature Silicone-Coated Grill Cover. When you're done BBQing, this ultra heavy duty grill cover can immediately be placed over a grill without worry (turn it off first) and it can handle all seasons of extreme hot and cold temperatures as well. It's so tough, that you can even snuff out a grease fire with it. It's made in the USA from a base substrate material rated for 750 degrees F and a silicone coating rated for +500 degrees F, is fully waterproof and easy to clean with a hose, is UV-resistant, and includes straps on both sides for a snug fit. It sure seems like a no-brainer to me, especially if you have a high end grill you would like to protect and it even comes with a matching grilling apron to protect you too. Available in multiple sizes to fit most grills.

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  • High Temperature Silicone Grill Cover
  • Immediately cover your grill when you are done barbecuing
  • No wait time for the grill to cool down
  • Extra heavy duty, patented Silicone Coated material, that can handle extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Flame Retardant with High-Temperature Resistant Composite Fabric, Teflon Thread, Silicone Coating, and Kevlar Thread
  • Base Material rated for 750 Degrees F
  • Silicone coating rated for 500 Degrees F
  • So effective that you can put this right over a grease fire and save your home
  • UV Resistant - Expected to absorb blazing heat for up to 20 years - 100% protection inside and out!
  • Easy-to-Clean - A water hose or spray bottle if you need to clean a small area of the cover
  • Velcro Straps on Both Sides - Keeps the cover snugly fitting your grill
  • Waterproof
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in various sizes to fit most grills

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