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6-in-1 Grilling Multi-Tool

6-in-1 Grilling Multi-Tool

6-in-1 Grilling Multi-Tool

This cool new 6-in-1 Grilling Tool combines all your typical grilling utensils into a single easy-to-use multi-tool that lets you flip, cut, grab, poke, scrape, serve, and even pop off bottle caps. This innovative. space-saving grilling tool has a four-pronged fork, a spatula, a serrated knife on the edge of the spatula, a grill scraper, a bottle opener, and when the two tools are combined, a handy pair of mega-tongs. It's constructed in the USA from stainless steel and has cushioned nylon grip handles. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.

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  • Six-in-one tool incorporates everything you need to flip, cut, serve, and even uncap
  • Fork slides into the spatula to create a versatile mega-tong that's great for flipping and adjusting anything on your grill
  • Spatula features a stone-ground beveled edge for easy flipping
  • Four-pronged fork is designed to stabilize food on the grill
  • Handy serrated knife on one edge to cut food on the grill
  • Angled prongs also work well for roasting marshmallows
  • Handle incorporates a grill scraper to keep things clean
  • Bottle opener on the end of the handle
  • Made from stainless steel for superior strength and rust resistance
  • Comfortable cushioned nylon grips
  • Made in Utah, USA
  • Size: 15.5" L

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