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Cuisinart BBQ Melting Dome

Cuisinart BBQ Melting Dome

Cuisinart BBQ Melting Dome


This cool new Cuisinart BBQ Melting Dome is a multi-functional stainless steel dome with a built-in vent that can be used to quickly melt cheese to perfection on top of burgers, steam vegetables and seafood with ease, infuse smoky flavor into foods by adding wood chips beneath, help keep plates of food hot after cooking, or just to keep pesky flying insects away. The dome is designed to trap heat to quickly and evenly cook foods underneath it and has an adjustable vent on the side that can release excess steam or seal in moisture or smoke from wood chips. It even includes a round wire rack to elevate certain foods for better airflow like mini pizzas or for placing wood chips below foods to smoke them. It's not something you ever thought you needed, but it is quite a versatile addition to your arsenal of handy grilling tools. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.

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  • Cuisinart 12.25" BBQ Melting Dome
  • 12.25-inch diameter, allowing it to cover a large grill area
  • A multi-functional stainless steel cooking dome
  • Dome traps heat to cook food more quickly and evenly, as well as melting cheeses to perfection.
  • Perfect for quickly melting cheese on burgers
  • Concentrates heat to cook evenly
  • Built-in vent to release steam or seal in moisture
  • Add wood chips under the dome on your griddle to infuse a smoky flavor in your dish
  • Steam any protein or vegetable with the innovated vent on the dome
  • Extra deep stainless steel construction
  • Dome's rolled edge sit comfortably on any flat surface, including skillets
  • Traps the smoke of a grill so that foods are infused with delicious smoky flavors or add smoking wood chips around or under the wire rack
  • Wire rack elevates food to bake evenly with better airflow
  • Size: 12.5" x 12.5" x 6"

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