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Boska Cheese and Chocolate Curler

Boska Cheese and Chocolate Curler

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Enjoy fine cheeses like Tete de Moine from Switzerland, P'tit Basque, Edam, smoked cheese, and other little semi-firm cheeses or even decadent chocolate in a whole new way with this cool new Boska Amigo Cheese and Chocolate Curler. With a simple twirl of the stainless steel blade over a hunk of cheese, this unique cheese curler (traditionally known as a girolle) creates continuous paper-thin curls that not only look decorative for serving, the curling effect also helps to aerate the cheese and make its flavor and aroma much more intense. It features 5 short pins on the wooden base for a superior cheese grip and includes a clear dome to help preserve the aromas and keep it fresh. It's perfect for serving guests flowery cheese curls on a board or use them to garnish pasta, top a salad, or just enjoy as an elegant snack. It also works with large chunks of chocolate to create tasty curls for desserts like cakes and ice cream as well. Don't forget the wine! 🧀🍷

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Boska Cheese and Chocolate Curler
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Boska Cheese and Chocolate Curler
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Boska Cheese and Chocolate Curler
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Boska Cheese and Chocolate Curler
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Boska Cheese and Chocolate Curler
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Boska Cheese and Chocolate Curler
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Boska Cheese and Chocolate Curler
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Boska Cheese and Chocolate Curler
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Boska Cheese and Chocolate Curler
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