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Johnsonville Brat Griller

Johnsonville Brat Griller

Johnsonville Brat Griller

Tired of individually turning your brats or sausages on the grill? Then lose the tongs and use this cool new Johnsonville Brat Griller instead. This convenient grilling basket can hold up to 5 brats or sausages at a time and allows you to turn them all at once without accidentally piercing the delicate casings. It features special feet to elevate your brat off the grates to ensure even cooking, a nonstick metal basket to protect the casings, and an integrated handle to flip it over with ease. It's perfect for big summer cookouts, tailgating parties, or whenever you're craving some tasty sizzling sausages. No ketchup!

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  • Grills up to 5 brats or sausages at a time
  • Special feet that keep the griller off the grates.
  • Protects casing from piercing
  • Ensures even cooking
  • Nonstick basket
  • Integrated metal handle makes it easy to turn over
  • Great for cookouts or tailgating parties

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