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Le Creuset Oval Flame Doufeu Oven

Le Creuset Oval Flame Doufeu Oven

Le Creuset Oval Flame Doufeu Oven

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If you like to slow cook roasts, poultry, stews and more, check out this cool new Le Creuset Oval Flame Doufeu. The term doufeu is French for gentle heat and that's what you get with this innovative oval roasting pan. It features a unique concave lid that can be filled with ice to encourage condensation for continuous basting inside. As the food slowly cooks, the ice on top of the lid cools the hot steam inside so that it condenses on the little spikes on the underside of the lid and drips back down to keep the food moist, tender and flavorful. The vessel is constructed of durable cast iron for superior heat conduction and retention and is coated with easy to clean porcelain enamel that is resistant to chips, cracks, stains and odors. This hardcore French cookware is what a crock pot wishes it could be.

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