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Lava Rock Cooking Stone Set

Lava Rock Cooking Stone Set

Lava Rock Cooking Stone Set

Whether you want to add some dramatic flair to your dinner party or looking for a unique addition to your restaurant, this cool new Lava Rock Cooking Stone Set lets your guests cook their own steaks, seafood, and vegetables to their liking, directly on the table in front of them. This natural block of lava rock comes from the volcanic region around Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy and once pre-heated to 500-600 degrees F, it stays searing hot for around 50 minutes. A stylish bamboo base is included in the set along with a stainless steel holder for safely holding the lava rock, a ceramic platter, and 3 ceramic dipping sauce dishes. Check out the video below to see a demo. Cool huh?

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  • Cook healthy, tasty & flavorful steak, seafood, and vegetables at your table
  • Control exactly how your food is cooked, no more preparing different rare, medium or well done cuts for different diners
  • Pre-heat Lava Rock to 500-600 Fahrenheit and it can cook steak, fish, and vegetables to your liking
  • Stone stays hot for around 50 minutes
  • Set includes: Wooden Bamboo Base, Ceramic Platter, Three Ceramic Condiment Dishes, One Lava Stone in Stainless Steel Tray
  • Cooking stone made from Lava rock from Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy
  • Ensures every meal is created with flair and theater
  • Highly durable and easy to clean
  • Made in Italy

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