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Pull String Fire Starters

Pull String Fire Starters

Pull String Fire Starters

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With just a simple pull of a string, these cool new Pull Start Fire Starters let anyone start a fire in only 5 seconds using any wood (wet or dry) and in any weather conditions including rain, snow, or even winds up to to 200 mph... if you don't get blown away first. Just loop the green string end around a log to secure it, build a structure of logs around it, and then pull the red string to ignite it. No matches, lighters, or kindling are required. These eco-friendly fire starters burn for over 30 minutes to allow the logs to catch fire, burn 2.5X hotter than other leading brands, and are safe for cooking. Perfect for starting roaring fires everywhere from campsites to patio fire pits to emergency survival situations. Check out the video below to see them in action.


  • Pack of 3 Pull String Fire Starters
  • Start a fire under any conditions (rain, wind or snow) with just the pull of a string
  • Light a fire in 5 seconds, with any wood, in any weather
  • No matches, lighters, or kindling needed
  • Eco-friendly and safe for cooking
  • Simply and safely starts your fire every time, no skill or know-how required
  • It even lights wet wood in high winds
  • Windproof (over 200 mph) and rainproof
  • Single-pull fire starter burns for a full 30-40 minutes on its own, allowing extended times for logs to catch fire without kindling
  • For the inexperienced camper and the seasoned outdoorsman alike
  • Handy fire starter takes the hassle out of starting fires on any occasion so you can get on to the good stuff
  • 2.5 times hotter than leading brands
  • Perfect for camping, vanning, RV'ing, hiking or lighting a patio fire
  • Built-in safety features
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 100 percent guaranteed

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