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The Pint - Convertible Bottle / Cup

The Pint - Convertible Bottle / Cup

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Normally, drinking straight from the bottle would be a little uncivilized, but it's just fine when it's from this cool new The Pint from Stable Goods. This handy camping vessel is a double wall insulated stainless steel bottle that can be quickly transformed into a cup by unscrewing the base, re-attaching it to the cap neck, and then flipping it over. Voila! It features a tough granite finish that looks and feels like ceramic and the cap and base can be removed for interior cleaning. Makes a perfect thirst-quenching addition to any campsite or adventure on the go.

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The Pint - Convertible Bottle / Cup
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The Pint - Convertible Bottle / Cup
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The Pint - Convertible Bottle / Cup
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The Pint - Convertible Bottle / Cup
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The Pint - Convertible Bottle / Cup
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The Pint - Convertible Bottle / Cup
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The Pint - Convertible Bottle / Cup
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The Pint - Convertible Bottle / Cup
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