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Backpacker's Closet - Giant Backpack

Backpacker's Closet - Giant Backpack

Backpacker's Closet - Giant Backpack

Behold, the ultimate backpack! Bring along your entire wardrobe when traveling. Have all of the comforts of home when camping. Minimize trips to the store when shoplifting. Sneak in a friend to a movie theater. Be utterly prepared during the apocalypse or any other emergency survival bug out scenario. Lug around a large amount of therapy cats with ease. Carry around a kitchen sink just because you can. The possibilities for transporting extreme amounts of random stuff on your back are endless when you slip this oversized cool new CWF Backpacker's Closet Backpack over your shoulders. This truly massive backpack from Japan is not only funny and attention-grabbing, it's perfectly functional as well. Available in olive, black, or beige.

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  • About as big as a backpack can get and still be usable
  • Part joke item, part a genuinely practical bag
  • Comes in handy during emergencies (transporting bulky and heavy objects or even people and pets)
  • Derives its name from how you can basically fit a whole wardrobe inside it
  • Available in olive, black, or beige
  • Multiple buckles, straps, handles
  • Cushioned shoulder straps
  • Leather zipper straps
  • Materials: nylon oxford
  • Made in Japan
  • Size: 3.3' x 2.2' - 3.5 lbs

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