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Backpacker's Closet - Giant Backpack

Backpacker's Closet - Giant Backpack

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Behold, the ultimate backpack! Bring along your entire wardrobe when traveling. Have all of the comforts of home when camping. Minimize trips to the store when shoplifting. Sneak in a friend to a movie theater. Be utterly prepared during the apocalypse or any other emergency survival bug out scenario. Lug around a large amount of therapy cats with ease. Carry around a kitchen sink just because you can. The possibilities for transporting extreme amounts of random stuff on your back are endless when you slip this oversized cool new CWF Backpacker's Closet Backpack over your shoulders. This truly massive backpack from Japan is not only funny and attention-grabbing, it's perfectly functional as well. Available in olive, black, or beige.

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These handy tote bags make it easy to sort your laundry during the week and then can be simply picked up and taken to the washing machine when it's wash day.
ONIVA - Insulated Casserole Tote
This portable insulated casserole carrier prevents spills in the car and helps to maintain warm or cold temperatures until you get to your destination.
Recycled Fire Hose Dopp Kit
These extra tough dopp kits are handcrafted from real fire hoses used in actual fires, now repurposed to stand up to your travel toiletries.
Quiver Of Arrows Yoga Bag
When you're on your way to a yoga class, disguise that boring old yoga mat you're carrying on your shoulder inside this cool new Quiver Of Arrows Yoga Bag.
Dollar Sign Money Bags
In real life, you never see money bags with a dollar sign printed on the side like in every cartoon, comic book, and movie. Well, they actually exist!
Jump From Paper - 2D Cartoon Bags
These double-take inducing bags look as if they were lifted from a two-dimensional cartoon or illustration, yet retain full three-dimensional functionality in the real world.
Wearable Ultra Slim Laptop Sleeve / Backpack
This ultra slim neoprene laptop sleeve is worn like a form-fitting backpack that can actually be worn underneath a coat.
3D Tiger Head Plush Backpack
A functional backpack combined with a highly detailed plush head of a fearsome tiger or Siberian tiger.
Awesome Yoda Plush Backpack
It's back to school time for you youngins and having the coolest new clothes and gear is essential. Well forget all that, if you want to be the coolest kid at the bus stop, then you need to be carrying a Jedi Master on your back!

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Backpacker's Closet - Giant Backpack
With all these natural disasters, lunatic terrorists, nuclear emergencies, and mad scientists messing around with accidental zombie-producing vaccines, serums and whatnots, it's probably a good idea to keep a few of these cool new Tactical Sammiches on hand!
Backpacker's Closet - Giant Backpack
The world's first battery-powered generator that can not only match the power of a gas generator, it can do it indoors or out, home or away, and without all the fumes, noise, and maintenance.
Backpacker's Closet - Giant Backpack
This handy citrus juicer combines the satisfying grip of some old fashioned self-defense knuckles as the ergonomic handle with a classic citrus reamer placed on top to turn whatever it twists into... into pulp!
Backpacker's Closet - Giant Backpack
This lightweight device slips over the ear and if your head tilts forward more than 15-20 degrees, a 90 decibel alarm blasts you out from your peaceful slumber.
Backpacker's Closet - Giant Backpack
A portable handheld shower head that attaches via a hose to a rechargeable pump with built-in active filtration that draws water up from a bucket or container.
Backpacker's Closet - Giant Backpack
When a natural disaster or other emergency strikes, fill this water storage bag up in the bathtub to keep up to 100 gallons of fresh drinking water on hand.
Backpacker's Closet - Giant Backpack
Ingenious camping stove designed to cook dinner and convert the fire's heat into electricity to charge phones and power other small gadgets.
Backpacker's Closet - Giant Backpack
This rugged one-piece, heavy-gauge steel frying pan is handmade in the USA from authentic materials the same way it was nearly 200 years ago!
Backpacker's Closet - Giant Backpack
A highly portable solar-powered inflatable lantern, task light, and flashlight that collapses when not in use and is waterproof to handle extreme outdoor conditions.

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