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RattlerStrap Survival Fire Starter Boot Laces

RattlerStrap Survival Fire Starter Boot Laces

RattlerStrap Survival Fire Starter Boot Laces

Imagine the scenario where you've ventured out a bit too far past the reach of modern civilization once again and you need to start a fire to survive, but your lighter is lost and your matches have gotten wet. Do you have a backup fire starter for your backup fire starter? Well, forget rubbing two stick together in an emergency and simply use these cool new RattlerStrap Flint Laces instead. These survival boot laces are constructed from durable 550 paracord and have handy fire starting ferro rod tips that can be used to produce a shower of blazing hot 3000 degree sparks when struck against the included serrated steel striker. The striker also doubles as a tiny survival knife for shaving tinder pieces to get the fire going. Perfect for anyone out exploring the great outdoors or anyone who wants to be well prepared for any worst case scenario.

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  • 550 Paracord Laces with Ferro Rod Tips and Serrated Steel Striker Tools
  • These flint laces give you an alternative means of making fire for when your matches get wet and your lighter won't spark
  • 3000 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT - Ferro Rod produces a shower of HOT SPARKS capable of igniting a wide range of tinder in any climate
  • START A FIRE - Steel serrated striker tools attach to 550 paracord laces and double as tinder shaving survival knife
  • Quick access flints - No need to cut your laces
  • Flints secured firmly to metal base for improved grip function when you make a fire
  • Each pair comes with (2) serrated striker knives designed for maximum spark production, and tinder shaving
  • Minimalist - Everything you need to keep your boots tied and start a fire, nothing more
  • Ideal for anyone that ventures into the back country or likes to be prepared for anything
  • Slimmer diameter Ferro tips fit in wide range of hiking boots, hunting boots, tactical boots and more
  • Diameter of the tips are 4mm at the widest point
  • If one tool fails, it's essential to always have some sort of backup (and maybe even a backup for your backup)
  • Always be prepared for worst case scenarios
  • Fire Making with these tools is the same as using any other flint and steel system
  • Starting a fire with them is a skill and should be researched and practiced to proficiency
  • Colors: Black or Brown

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