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Walden Blow Through Fire Pit Stoker / Poker

Walden Blow Through Fire Pit Stoker / Poker

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Keep your fire pit, bonfire, campfire, or fireplace burning bright when you tend to it with this cool new Walden Blow Through Fire Pit Stoker / Poker. This innovative fire tool combines a poker to re-arrange the logs and a built-in stoker with a one-way airflow valve in the wooden handle that allows you to blow through to re-ignite the flames. It feature a strong yet lightweight high carbon steel design with a heavy-duty poker hook and claw, an easy to clean stainless steel mouthpiece, a stainless steel hanging ring, and it's available in either a 33" or 46" length. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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Walden Blow Through Fire Pit Stoker / Poker
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Walden Blow Through Fire Pit Stoker / Poker
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Walden Blow Through Fire Pit Stoker / Poker
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Walden Blow Through Fire Pit Stoker / Poker
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