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Apollo Tabletop Fireplace

Apollo Tabletop Fireplace

Apollo Tabletop Fireplace

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The cool new Apollo Tabletop Fireplace by designer Carl Mertens is the perfect way to bring the same warmth and ambiance of a full-scale hearth to your tabletop. This unique 18/10 satin stainless steel miniature fireplace burns liquid BioFuel safely behind tempered glass and features adjustable sliding doors to control height of the flames. I'm sure your boss won't mind at all if you want to bring one of these in for cozy and relaxing fires on your desk at work either. Great for apartment and condo owners without real fireplaces as well.



  • Designer: Carl Mertens
  • Uses liquid bio-fuel
  • Adjustable doors to control height of flame
  • 4.75" W x 11" L x 13.75" H
  • Materials: Tempered Glass, 18/10 Satin Stainless Steel

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