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Staked Yard Witches

Staked Yard Witches

Staked Yard Witches

If you liked the creepy Staked Yard Ghosts, then you'll cackle out loud for the new Staked Yard Witches. Nothing says Halloween like a coven of witches flying around on broomsticks in the front yard, hopefully casting spells on the neighbors. This trio of poseable witches each sturdily stake into the ground and are attached to each other by their capes and brooms. They are each appropriately attired in all-weather black capes and hats and feature shocking red hair and broomsticks. All that's missing are a few black cats and a bubbling black cauldron in the middle.

If anyone knows any good spells or hexes (for competitor websites), please feel free to share them in the Comments, but just leave me out of them! Also check out the videos to see footage of real witches flying through the skies!!!

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