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Seat Of Death - Grim Reaper Throne Chair

Seat Of Death - Grim Reaper Throne Chair

Seat Of Death - Grim Reaper Throne Chair

Do you dare take a seat upon death itself? This cool new yet quite hellish Seat Of Death is a, um, conversation-starting armchair that lets one sit upon the shrouded skeleton of the grim reaper, who then may or may not guide you to the afterlife after you get comfortable. This horrific sculptural seating option stands over four feet and is crafted from high quality designer resin that is hand-painted. Perfect for Halloween, haunted houses, medieval castles, funeral homes, hospital waiting rooms, or anywhere a sinister yet decorative skeleton chair would really tie the room together.

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  • Armchair haunted with a gruesome skeleton of the Grim Reaper who hovers over four feet high
  • Flanked by a pale pair of skulls seemingly floating in the arresting armrests
  • Cast in quality designer resin reinforced with fiberglass for strength
  • Hand-painted in Gothic ebony and bone hues
  • Size: 37" W x 26.5" D x 51.5" H - 84 lbs

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