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Corkscrew Cork Catcher Accent Table

Corkscrew Cork Catcher Accent Table

Corkscrew Cork Catcher Accent Table

If you love wine, collecting corks from great bottles, and need a unique place set down your next glass, then check out this cool new Corkscrew Cork Catcher Table. This rustic, wine-inspired accent table looks like a gigantic winged corkscrew and features a built-in cork catching cage below a hinged wooden tabletop. It holds about a 100 corks / memories, so maybe it's best to open up another bottle now and get started early.

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  • Accent table with a metal winged corkscrew design
  • Built-in cork catcher cage
  • Add corks easily through a small opening in the side
  • Hinged top opens to remove, replace or rearrange corks
  • Wooden table top
  • Great place to store corks from favorite wine and memories
  • Antique black finish
  • Capacity: 100 wine corks.
  • Size: 25.5" H x 15.5" W x 15.5" D

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