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Udon Noodles Blanket

Udon Noodles Blanket

Udon Noodles Blanket

This cool new Udon for Sleeping Noodles Blanket is a truly bizarre blanket from Japan that looks like a comfy nest of thick udon noodles that you can hug, grip, cuddle, intertwine, or just generally wrap yourself up into a knot in. The grid of soft polyester, non-edible noodles feature a built-in pillow attachment, a mesh covering to keep the noodles contained, and anti-tangle protection. The only downside is that someone is going to need a giant pair of chopsticks to drag you of them in the morning.

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  • This bedding is inspired by a grid of thick udon noodles
  • Hug and grip the noodles blanket as you snooze, which is effective at keeping you both warm and cool
  • You can loosen the noodles to offer more circulation when needed
  • Mesh covering on the top
  • Includes pillow attachment, spring-summer lacing, anti-tangle protection
  • Materials: polyester
  • Size:m 43" x 79" - 2 lbs

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