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He-Man and Skeletor Sleeved Blankets

He-Man and Skeletor Sleeved Blankets

When you don't have a Battle Cat to snuggle up with, then simply slide into one of these cool new He-Man or Skeletor Sleeved Blankets, raise aloft your magic sword, and cry out "By the power of Grayskull.... I have the power!" The magic sword is optional of course. Based on the original '80s cartoon character designs of He-Man and his arch enemy Skeletor, these fun sleeved blankets will keep you extra warm and comfortably passed out on the sofa dreaming of becoming one of the Masters of the Universe in no time. Forget all these superhero movies... Why hasn't Masters of the Universe or even She-Ra not been rebooted into an epic movie yet?

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