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Split Couple Blanket and Sheet Bedding Set

Split Couple Blanket and Sheet Bedding Set

Split Couple Blanket and Sheet Bedding Set

Does your partner notoriously hog all the sheets and blanket every single night? Maybe it's even you? Well, you could get separate beds like in some 1950s sitcom or you could just try this cool new Split Couple Blanket and Sheet Bedding Set. This clever bedding set includes a brushed microfiber flat sheet and a fleece blanket that are both split right down the middle except at the very bottom, which stays securely tucked in at the foot of the bed. It's perfect for preventing the nightly tug of war where the victor wakes up rolled up like a giant burrito and the other is exhausted from lying awake frozen all night. Now you're probably thinking that half of the sheet is just not enough, which is why these are actually 4 inches wider than a typical sheet for just the right amount of extra room. It's also great for single people, because now you only have to make up half the bed in the morning.

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  • Designers: Merideth and John Jaskowski
  • Split flat sheet and blanket that let you cover or uncover as you please without disturbing your mate
  • Clever sheet set with a flat sheet that's split from the top down to the not-quite-bottom - stays securely tucked at the foot of the bed
  • Snoozing with your sweetheart should be like a slumber party, not a tug-of-war
  • 4" wider than the typical sheet, ensuring each partner has plenty of wiggle room
  • Alleged cover hogs can get good and snuggly while the hottest of sleepers can cool off, neither one disturbing the other
  • It’s not just for twosomes - the split means singletons will only have half the bed to make in the morning
  • 2,000-thread-count brushed microfiber, a soft, breathable fabric that resists pilling and wrinkles
  • Split fleece blanket

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