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Swopper - Active Sitting Chair

Swopper - Active Sitting Chair

Swopper - Active Sitting Chair

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I really don't like the concept of all of these ergonomic office chairs out there that are designed to keep you almost locked in place all day. The Swopper - Active Sitting Chair breaks all the old rules and introduces an entirely new way of sitting. Instead of mindless, daily, non-motion sitting, the Swopper gives you complete freedom and lets you tilt, bounce and sway in all directions. It enhances circulation, spinal fluidity and flexibility, strengthens your back muscles and abs, promotes excellent posture and helps relieve lower back pain! No wonder all of us who sit at desks all day are constantly fidgeting, shaking a leg, in pain and doing exhaustive stretching every time we stand up. The Swopper is not an inexpensive chair, but a chair that I have to use for 8+ hours a day needs to be a tool that works for me not against me, plus it looks totally fun to sit on.

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