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Balance Ball Chair

Balance Ball Chair

Balance Ball Chair

My current desk chair here at Green Head HQ is absolutely horrendous to sit upon and I need to act soon before it (or me) falls completely apart. I keep putting off getting a new one because I keep finding something new or better. I don't want one that makes me sit in some awkward "ergonomic" position that is unachievable or has hundreds of adjustable knobs that I'll never set just right. I just want something like the Balance Ball Chair!

The cool new Balance Ball Chair is basically made up of a real removable fitness balance ball resting on easy-glide casters with an adjustable support bar. The cool part is that sitting on a giant inflatable ball not only strengthens core muscles, it also helps improve spinal alignment. Plus, since the ball is removable you can exercise or stretch with it during a break or simply start an exciting game of extreme cubicle dodgeball!

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