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Hollow Teak Stump Stools With Rope Webbing

Hollow Teak Stump Stools With Rope Webbing

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These cool new Hollow Teak Stumps are unique, hollowed out teak tree stumps that are sustainably sourced from plantations in Indonesia and have a woven seat made from gray rope webbing. Each teak wood stump is clear-finished, individually unique, can be placed indoors or out, and way more comfortable than a solid wooden stump.

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Hollow Teak Stump Stools With Rope Webbing
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Hollow Teak Stump Stools With Rope Webbing
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Hollow Teak Stump Stools With Rope Webbing
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Hollow Teak Stump Stools With Rope Webbing
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Hollow Teak Stump Stools With Rope Webbing
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Hollow Teak Stump Stools With Rope Webbing
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Hollow Teak Stump Stools With Rope Webbing
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Hollow Teak Stump Stools With Rope Webbing
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